Equipment Cleaning

High-Pressure Cleaning for Mining, Construction & Transport Industries


Hot & Cold High Pressure & Steam Cleaning. 

Our wash bay will clean dirt, oil and other waste from machinery and equipment. This is important to protect against corrosion and minimise maintenance outages due to increased wear and tear.

Investing in a clean & touch-up work will improve its appearance and value. Our wash bay contains an undercover area for all-weather cleaning and can accommodate small machinery through to larger equipment. With the use of specialised products and equipment to get the most stubborn mud & grime, we can ensure the best results for our clients.

Effectively cleaning your heavy machinery is critical to long-term use and maintenance.

Our aim is to return your machinery to its regular use as quickly as possible, offering a spotless surface to better understand any maintenance and upkeep needs. If repairs or tests are needed, our high-pressure wash allows you to skip delays that may arise by leaving cleaning to your maintenance team.

Adding Resale Value

Add resale value to your equipment, first impressions matter by approving its appearance your equipment may present higher returns.

Environmentally Conscious

Our high-pressure cleaning process is meticulously designed to eliminate pollutants and grime, allowing you to get the optimal use out of your equipment. Our wash bay processes are based around environmentally friendly practices that preserve as much water as possible. All dirt and dust from the cleaning process is captured and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner in accordance with various industry guidelines. Chemicals are only used when required.

Services cover
  • High-pressure cleaning for earthmoving equipment, including loaders, dozers, excavators, forklifts, and other heavy machinery
  • High-pressure cleaning for off-highway and on-highway trucks
  • Steam cleaning and chemical cleaning depending on the equipment needs
  • Internal Cab Detailing also available

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