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Asset Finance Repayment Calculator
Asset Cost

Asset cost (GST appears next to header when Finance Lease option is selected)

Choose the amount you want to borrow (less any deposit amount).

Note: Finance Lease option must be for the full amount including any GST.


Select the number of monthly repayments you plan to make; between 0 and 120 months. The dollar amount is shown below the graph.

Note: The shorter the time, the higher your repayment amount which lowers your total interest cost.

Balloon percentage

Residual percentage (changes to heading ‘Balloon percentage’ for other finance options)

You choose the final lump sum amount payable at the end of your finance term (between 0% and 60%). The dollar amount is shown below the graph.

This offers you the flexibility to structure repayments to meet your business cash flow needs and consider the estimated life of the asset.

Note: A higher residual amount lowers the repayment amount over the term, but increases your interest payable.

Interest rate p.a.

The amount charged on your finance, calculated per annum and fixed for the term.

Monthly payment amount
Balloon amount
Total payable

This Asset Finance repayment calculator will provide you with an indicative monthly payment for your proposed asset purchase.

You can choose from one of three core finance products to suit your needs and configure the asset type, amount, rate and terms accordingly.

All calculations presented are a guide only.

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